The Beyond Measure Promise

As host of the Beyond Measure Podcast, Patreon Community, and more, I am COMMITTED to helping Studio Music Teachers grow our profession through the lenses of curiosity, kindness, and humility. 


I'm always here for you! Contact me with any questions or feedback. 
You Have Important Work to Do -
I Can Help.
Making the Most of Your Chosen Method
Are you tired of "turning the page and seeing what's next?"

This is my Starter Guide to learning how to "take the reigns" on your teaching; making sure your chosen materials are supporting YOUR instruction, not vice versa. 

Included is the NUMBER ONE exercise I recommend for my pedagogy students (collegiate and otherwise).
Varsity Musician's Playbook: Online Presentation
Do you ever wonder WHY Susie prioritizes sports over her trumpet lessons? 

This 60-minute presentation walks you through my research into the REAL reason music study tends to take a backseat to sports.  

Hint:  Contrary to what you've been told, it's NOT just because "sports are social". 

Participants learn easily actionable perspectives to help build committed studio "teams" of their own.  
The Studio Foundations Course
How do we stay satisfied - and effective - in this profession for the long haul?

With 29 years of teaching experience under my belt, I know what it's like to be drained by our work.  It's easy to lose enthusiasm when we give so much to our students and feel little in return.

The Studio Foundations Course features a deep-dive into 14 sustaining principles that keep me content and at the top of my TeacherGame (most of which were never taught to me in a college Pedagogy class).